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Reaction Vessel

Reaction vessels are at the heart of a chemical plant, where. Chemical changes and reactions take place.

We manufacture reaction vessels ranging capacity from 100 to 20,000 litres in material of construction stainless steel, Mild Steel & Rubber lined depending on the requirement of the material to be processed.

The ingredients for the chemical reaction are called the reactants. These raw materials can be loaded into the reaction vessel in different ways. Measured Reactants may be pumped into the vessel through pipes attached to inlet nozzles.

Funnels called Hoppers connected on the top of the vessel dish can be used for loading Powders or Liquids into the Reaction Vessel.

The following processes can control the fastest chemical reaction in Reaction Vessel:-

• Heating the vessel to speed up a chemical reaction. This is achieved by having steam-Coil inside the vessel, outside "jacket", or limpet surrounding it. Temperatures of several hundred degrees centigrade may be required.

• Cooling the reaction vessel may be required if the chemical reaction produces heat. A Cold water can be used in Internal coil, Jacket or Limpet coil for cooling the vessels to prevent the build up of dangerous high pressure, cold water flows frequently removes heat from the reaction vessel.

• Various types of Blades & Agitator can be used in reaction vessel for

Stirring the contents of the reaction vessel mixes them thoroughly. So that

All the reactants are involved in the Reaction as speedily as possible.

A variety of Blades can be used with speeds of rotation that range from 30-40 revolutions, to several thousand revolutions per minute. The diagrams below show a variety of Blades used to stir reaction mixtures.

  Limpet Coil Vessel
Jacketed Vessel
Jacketed Reaction Vessel


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